Cleanroom classification

Kaizen Airtech assistance finds cleanroom class to fulfil your required cleanroom environmental condition. Cleanroom class determine by contamination source, required partial size, air changing rate. People and process is the main contamination source in clean room. Particle size is the most important factor to determine clean room class. Cleanroom can be built and operated to meet different cleanliness classification, depending on the environmental condition required for there us. International organization for standardization (ISO) is the primary authority for cleanroom classification.

ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards


ClassMaximumParticles/m続    FED STD 209E equivalent
 >0.1 um>0.2 um>0.3 um>0.5 um>1 um>5 um 
ISO 1102     
ISO 210024104   
ISO 31000237102358 Class1
ISO 4100002370102035283 Class10
ISO 5100000237001020003,5208,320293Class 100
ISO 6100000023700010200035,2008,3202,930Class1,000
ISO 7   352,00083,2002,930Class 10,000
ISO 8   3,520,000832,00029,300Class 100,000
ISO 9   35,200,0008,320,000293,000Room Air

Cleanroom Design

Kaizen Airtech solutions specialised in industrial air treatment design, we provide complete clean room solutions but we can also provide independent clean room and OT design as per customer requirement. We are always very happy to share all precious knowledge of respective work & we want to give your lifetime Technical support. We design each project while applying technical solutions that offer optimum energy efficiency in both production and energy transport. Our designed cleanroom are Modular, flexible systems with an optimum quality-price ratio and global management.

A typical cleanroom is designed to keep the outside environment from getting in. Once an environment has been built, the two things that cause contamination in it are the people and the process. So, what contamination is generated by people, and what contamination is generated by the process is what needs to be determined.

Often times one can build a lower classification of cleanroom, though still maintain a cleaner environment by enhancing operations within the cleanroom – for instance, garmenting workers to a higher standard. Positioning return air grills and filtration systems at optimal locations within the cleanroom can result in cleaner areas within the environment, thus bringing the cleanroom classification to a lower level in those areas. Understanding the contamination sources and combating those with solid cleanroom design and enhanced operations can provide significant cost savings from both construction and operational standpoints.

Modular Operation Theater Design

Kaizen Airtech Modular Operation Theatre included the operating room wall, ceiling, floor, laminar system, and fresh air system, we provide the design, equipment, installation to meet the NABl standard. The MOT structure is designed to accept many air conditioning configurations air conditioning system can be installed according to customer demand.

We are offering entire set up of modular operation theatre that is highly demanded by our clients all across the globe. Hygiene and safety standards are key factors that are taken into consideration while fabricating these OT. Further, we also assure that we assist in offering the complete set up which is defect free and easy in handling.