Modular cleanroom

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A modular cleanroom is an environment-controlled room with a specific tolerable level of pollutants. At Kaizen, we design a complete cleanroom solution to satisfy customized requirements with ease. Kaizen’s Modular Cleanroom delivers an ultra-clean working environment. We provide a clean and suitable environment with a controlled level of contamination as specified by particles per cubic feet. This type of environment promotes the execution of critical processes in the best possible way.

Prominently these industries are

  • Healthcare
  • Life Science
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Packing & Bottling Lines
  • Nano-Technologies
  • Nuclear & Atomic Energy
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Oil & Deep-Sea Exploration

Services and products included

Kaizen’s Cleanrooms are ready for future requirements of expansion, adaptation, and relocation. Low cost, flexibility, and high-quality products for the Cleanroom are the critical features of our services. We deliver optimum solution for Cleanroom environments complying with the international standard of cleanliness.


  • ISO grade materials
  • Compliance with UL and NABH guidelines
  • Easy installation
  • Highly efficient 99.99% particle reduction up to 0.3 micron
  • Maintains positive pressure inside the room
  • Customized configurations

We provide different cleanroom services

  • Hard wall cleanroom
  • Portable cleanroom
  • Biosafe cleanroom

Hard wall cleanroom

Kaizens Hard wall cleanroom is free-standing and highly reliable in managing critical operations. We ensure the positive pressure inside the room through rigid stainless-steel frame. It is necessary for preventing external contamination.


Portable cleanroom

Kaizen’s soft wall cleanroom solutions are cost-effective, highly flexible, and easy to install. The portable cleanrooms or soft walls expand rooms to maintain positive pressure inside. We have designed soft wall cleanroom by considering flexibility benefits of construction.

Biosafe cleanroom

Bio-Safe Cleanroom is a rigid, self-supporting structure without a separate frame or external bracing. Kaizens Biosafe cleanroom enhances thermal stability and lowers energy consumption. We provide comprehensive and quality cleanrooms for critical bio/pharmaceutical operations.

Cleanroom Environment Control Accessories

Powerful accessories are essential for maintaining the cleanroom. The technologically advanced cleanrooms should contain powerful accessories arsenal. Kaizen offers cleanroom solutions with cutting-edge technology complying with international standards.