Portable Clean Room


Soft wall cleanrooms provide a enclose to clean manufacturing requirements like dust control, safety, laser or dark room and other application in electronics, medical and any other industries . Portable cleanrooms are designed for fast construction and can be easily portable, expandable, and easy to assemble/ disassemble. This type cleanroom is most economical approach, it create a class 100,000 to class 100. The prefabricated wiring system makes electrical hook up system with factory wired components and leg mounted on/ off switches for light and filter


  1. The blower filter unit draws air from above & generates a uni directional vertical airflow pattern that exits beneath the vinyl.
  2. The PDF series includes HEPA fan modules, cleanroom light fixtures that provide 125 ft. the standard unit consists of tubular steel with a painted finish, on lockable casters for mobility.
  3. A solid clear vinyl curtain spaced above the floor allows a continuous downflow purge of clean air. Pre designed product isolation and spot coverage over process equipment.>


Softwall cleanroom is constructed MS powder coated tubular steel frame (minimum 16 gauge 50×100 mm) with heavy duty lockable caster wheel, easily disassembled 40 mil vinyl curtain. Standard tee grid for ceiling 8 feet and maximum span between support logs is 18’-20’ without additional reinforcement.

Clean Room HEPA Filter

  1. HEPA filter incased in aluminum frame Final = 0.3micron with an efficiency of 99.997% (anti –microbial treated media )
  2. Available in 2’x2’ 4’x2’ 3×2’
  3. Pre-filter = 10 micron with an efficiency 90% washable HDPE Media in FRP PU coated Frame for GI model
  4. • Thermally protected, self-lubricated high efficiency backward curved impeller motor reduce load. Statically balanced to maintain constant airflow.


    1. Powder coated steel light fixture 2’x2’ and 2’x4’
    2. Gasketed lens cover

Electronic ballast operates on 220 volts

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