Hard Wall Clean Room

Hard Wall Clean Room


Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms are designed to clean and controlled environment maintain temperature, ventilation and humidity. All components are prefabricated, pre-engineered and designed to meet a full range of cleanroom requirements found in industries ranging from Micro-Electronics, Aerospace, food processing, Medical equipment and packaging. Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms are also an excellent product for the Compounding Pharmacy market.

Modular Cleanroom system feature easy to assemble self-contained modular section that are designedto allow for future expansion. Remove and reconfigure section for a process change or completely disassemble and relocate to another facility if desired.Prefabricated Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms by design can be used as a totally freestanding self-contained room or used in combination with existing walls and require only a solid, level floor for there support.

This Modular Cleanroom packages can also include Heating and A/C and modular wiring system that, when installed, gives you a single point power option, which can be utilized for all electrical wiring including Outlets. HEPA filters ensure even airflow which greatly reduces the air turbulence. This provides a uniform laminar airflow through the work zone.


The Modular cleanroom wall system is flexible thus allowing easy installation and accepts changes to design in the field and can be reconfigured for use in other locations.Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms available with solid or raised floor and verity of size and design and meet cleanliness levels from Class 10 to Class 100,000. The pre-fabricated puff panel wall systems allow rooms to be modified, expanded or relocated with minimal expense only require solid and level floor for there support. So, if the need arises, you can take the room (your investment) with you, with a minimal amount of manpower and on-site facility interruptions. Hardwall Cleanrooms are complete reusable. Prefabricated cleanroom construction time are a fraction of conventional methods and variety of surface including steel, FRP, high pressure laminated finishes and more.


Modular hard wall clean room is less expensive as compare to conventional rock wall construction, it can build time, and material cost is comparatively less. Hard wall panel is reusable, no need for outside architect so save design and construction cost.


Modular hard wall design and construction time is approx. 30% less than conventional rock wall. After finalisation floor design 4-5 week require for installation.

Wall Panels

Kaizen Airtech Clean room Modular Panel System is specifically designed for aesthetic look andachieving project timelines while maintaining modular flexibility. The system offers progressive and on progressive designs to suit your needs. We have taken the utmost care in offering our clients awide range of options in panel thickness. The modular false ceilings are suspension type with walk on or non-walk on design as per requirement.

Modular cleanroom walls are a composite construction of two skins of high pressure plastic laminate over an white painted steel and have a centre core of expanded polystyrene. Standard modular clean room panel dimensions are 1000,1250 mm (4′) wide with an overall length ranging from 3 to 4,2 mt (10’ to 14’) and thickness of 50,80 mm (1 3/4″). Available optional panel surfaces include: Vinyl, HPL, FRP, PVC, Porcelain, and Stainless Steel. Other centre core materials are also available. The self-supporting, insulated walls are assembled with an interior aluminium framework. The Modular Clean room walls panel seams are sealed by silicone with a perfectly flush finishing. The high-pressure laminate can be easily milled to allow flush mounting of all covings and accessories and guarantees compliance with GMP rules for cleanroom cleaning.

Wall panels are attached to each other with a two-piece structural post system. Posts are manufactured from 20 gauge cold rolled steel, painted white with a matching snap in filler channel to conceal the fasteners. The two-piece design allows for a non-progressive panel system, allowing panels to be removed and replaced without disturbing adjacent panels. Posts are used to conceal electrical and telephone wiring and computer cabling as well as housing structural inserts. All panels of like sizes are interchangeable. Wall heights start at 8′ and can be supplied to as tall as 30+’. Wall panels are secured to base and top. “U” channel and Starter channel is used when attaching into existing walls.

Clean Room Doors

Modular cleanroom doors can be configured as single/double swing-out or as horizontal sliding either manual, automatic or semiautomatic. Single entry doors will be 900 mm wide, 2100 tall and 50 mm thick come with 300×400 mm safety viewing windows. Door material will match wall panels and be framed in an aluminium channel for heavy traffic areas. They are sealed with a fully gasket jamp and come pre-hung at factory to insure proper fit. Standard features include thresholds, commercial grade stainless steel lock sets and safety viewing windows.Door Jamb is a very heavy extrusion designed toeliminate weak door panel frames. All doors are factory pre hung with hinges and door lockset.Swing out doors are designed to fit flush with both sides of the wall panel system and are supplied in several dimensions.. Double doors (6070) come with the same finishes and features as single doors.

Clean Room Windows

Modular cleanroom system all window units are double glazed, and fit flush with both surfaces of the wall panel system (45mm), standard windows are 40″ high x 45″ wide, with 3/16″ tempered safety glass and have beveled sills on the frames. Also available are full view windows (63″ x 45″), which allow for a greater view both in and out of the cleanroom. Each panel includes a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film laminated between two layers of glass. The two panels sit within a structured framework, and air fills the space between the two panels. Optional glass: 1/4″ laminated, insulated, wire, tinted (UV), polycarbonate etc.

Clean Room Lighting

Modular clean room posts are pre wired with 210 V duplex outlet and switches and mounted in a steel electrical box. Fluorescent gasket light fixtures are 610×1220 mm 4 tube ,120 V,less tubes with energy saving or electronic ballasts. This system is made up of pre-wired connections for light switches, 115v outlets and whips for lights and fan powered Hepas. Electrical run terminates with a “pig-tail” at location designated by the customer and can carry up to 6 circuits to be installed in distribution electrical panels. Final installation of the panel(s) and power to the building is to be installed by a licensed electrician. Outlets are convenience type duplex, three wires, and grounded. Single and 3-way switches are standard.

Fluorescent and LED Lights

  1. Full range of fixtures, including sealed energy-efficient, no-maintenance LED panels, makes it easy to configure the optimal lighting for your application
  2. Select 2′ x 4′ (610 mm x 1219 mm) ceiling module for placement in the ceiling grid, or Teardrop Lights for installation below the grid
  3. Flow-Through units are ideal with dense FFU ceiling coverage
  4. LED light strips and panels produce less heat to reduce cooling costs
  5. Dimmable LED light panels allow brightness adjustments.

Structural Design and Roof Decking

Unless otherwise specified, roof decking, I-beams and support post will be designed for 20-25 lbs. per square foot loads (live load walk-able). Loads of up to 60+lbs and greater are also available. Rooms can be have clear spans of 45+’ and can also be designed as an interregnal part of a mezzanine. Steel roof deck is at least 22 gauge corrugated steel, fire rating is non-combustible, sound deadening with closure gaskets (STC 32). Support posts and I-beams will vary in size based on span and load bearing requirements. Seismic bracing and stamped drawings are available when required.

Clean Room Flooring

Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer, which is a result of a reaction that takes place between epoxide “resin” and polyamine “hardener. “Epoxy is basically an adhesive with the properties as glue that sticks things together. As mentioned earlier, epoxy is durable glue consisting of superior level of bonding properties. Epoxy floor coatings don’t allow the water to stand over them and these can’t be used at the places where water logging is required. Though these epoxy floor coatings can be given desired colors, shine and durability and this is generally done by adding some compounds to the resin. And this task always demand the services by the experts who have been working with the epoxy floor coatings and know all the standards to be employed with the epoxy floor coatings.

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