Modular Clean Room

Kaizen Airtech design, manufacture and builders of high quality modular and portable clean room. We designed clean room maintaining temperature, relative humidity, control air leakage and differential pressure conditions with class 100 to class 100000.

Hard Wall Clean Room

The Modular Hardwall cleanroom design combines functionality with flexibility to create systems that will meet your cleanroom needs, they are easily installed, economically expanded and can be relocated or upgraded as your needs change. Modular Hard wall cleanrooms are considered a more permanent fixed facility and offer a full line of options not normally available on Soft and or Semi-rigid cleanrooms, such as removable walls, clear ceiling spans ,full ceiling HEPA filter coverage with diffuser panels and tear drop light provide uniform airflow with A/C mixing out of the ceilingplenums, oversized single and double wide doors, high speed roll-up and sliding doors, and load bearing roof desks.

Modular Hardwall cleanrooms are ideal for any industry requiring a cleanroom, projects sizes have varied from as small as 6’x 6’ to as large as 48’ wide, lengths in the excess of 150’ and finished interior heights of 20’+. Our Modular Hardwall cleanrooms have been installed throughout the Unites States and Europe. Read More

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Portable Cleanrooms

Modular soft wall cleanroom is most economical approach and flexible, portable design. Soft wall cleanroom encloses fitted with lockable casters for easy to move. These enclose can be fitted with HEPA filters, fan powered modules, and ventilation and dust collection systems. Portable clean room consist of a tubular steel frame structure that support the ceiling grid and clear vinyl curtain wall material. Customise room size as per customers need. Read More

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Bio Safe Clean Rooms

Biosafe cleanroom is constructed in ultra clean glass and stainless steel or aluminium. This type of clean room specially designed to fulfil requirement of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, its maintain class ISO 4 to ISO 8. Material stand up to strict cleaning and aseptic disinfection. Each bio clean room maintain class 100 work zone eliminating the need for class 100 clean benches and hoods. Materials are impervious, so they will not outgas, generate particulates or promote the growth of microorganism. Biosafe cleanroom includes HEPA filters, light fixtures, clear vinyl shield, wall mounted IV bar.

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HVAC – Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System

Kaizen Airtech produces the new products based on your drawings or designs to meet your actual needs. All the dimensions and colours are up to your choice. We will keep you noted of each steps during the production process. We offer Air Handling Unit system comprises a large insulated metal box that contains cooling, heating, humidity and air quality control element, fan blower with motor. In Clean room Application air quality is most important factor to maintain required Class, AHU is the greatest source of particulate removing it installed between unfiltered air and filtered air.

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Key Benefits:

  1. Flexibility Design
  2. Humidity Control
  3. Adjustable Air Flow Velocity
  4. Temperature Control
  5. Low Vibration