Industrial filer system

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Clean rooms for filling system

At Kaizen, we serve you with the clean and hygienic environment to make your filling procedure pollution free. We design an excellent environment that could control particle count, temperature, humidity, and pressure. We create clean rooms based on rules and regulations from the health and safety department. The primary motive behind modular bottling clean rooms is to provide a contamination resistant environment with clean and disinfecting surfaces.


  • Visitor friendly
  • Entry and exit flaps for bottles
  • Access area with an airlock system
  • Pollution free
  • Appealing look

Components included

Kaizen designs modular cleanrooms for filling beverages and medicine bottling. Low cost and flexibility are the key features of our services. We use high-quality products for the cleanroom. We design the highly efficient environment for filling systems to increase productivity and limit rejection ratio.

Enclosure section
Filling Room Supplies Section
Air Treatment Section