Humidity Chamber

Kaizen Airtech Solution being a leading manufacturer in environmental test chamber provides a controlled environment for testing products. Chamber available size from small bench top boxes to big computer controlled walk-in chamber. Humidity chamber provides a controlled environment for testing product, it can check product performance in different temperature and humidity.

Key Benefits:

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. Superior airflow uniformity
  3. Easy Operation
  4. Extremely stable and uniform Environment


  1. Work spaces size range from 300 to 3,300 litres to accommodate many product sizes.
  2. The interior chamber of the unit is constructed of a durable, corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. Low watt density heaters are used that also contribute to the unit’s longer life.
  3. Unique design of thermal barrier for better energy efficiency, Machine filled PUF insulation to eliminate void pockets, puff insulation density 40kg/ meter^3
  4. Customize chamber airflow can be factory configured from the standard horizontal flow to a vertical flow.
  5. Kaizen Airtech designed air baffle to ensure air distributed evenly on product and entire product is conditioned. It increase product temperature change rates and improves uniformity throughout the chamber
  6. Precise monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions, controller work to determine whether to run in single stage or cascade mode, depending on temperature set point and cooling requirement.
  7. Heating and cooling system ensures accurate test results for your product during environmental testing. PTC works for both heating and cooling shelves increase product loading capacity, allowing for more effective use of testing space.
  8. A boiler achieves high volumes of moisture with consistent water vapor levels and more repeatable test results.
  9. Electronic humidity sensor located in chamber inside which eliminate the need for thermocouple wicks and lost tanks and maintain low humidity accuracy.
  10. Shelves inside the chamber are easy to detach and convenient to wash , the height of each shelf can also be adjusted.
  11. There is a layer of toughened-glass off with sealing rubber as the inner lay of the outer door for convenient observation of the in-incubator temperature.


Model No.External Dimensions (mm)Internal Dimensions (mm)Airflow Velocity
KALF-V2910 X 1450 X 1930 mm (36” x 36” x 36”)610 X 610 X 610 mm (24” x 24” x 24”)270 CFM 458.7 M3/hr
KALF-H31070 X 1600 X 2080 mm (42” x 63” x 82”)610 X 610 X 610 mm (24” x 24” x 24”)3460 CFM 781.54 M3/hr
KALF-H41540 X 2050 X 2580 mm (60.55” x 81” x 101.5”)1220X 1220 X 1220 mm (48” x 48” x 48”)650 CFM 1104.36 M3/hr
KALF-H61540 X 2050 X 2580 mm (60.55” x 81” x 101.5”)1220 X 1520 X 1220 mm (48” x 60” x 48”)840 CFM 1427.17 M3/hr


Fixed height

  1. With leveling feet
  2. With caster wheels

GFCI Electrical Outlet

  1. UV Lamp
  2. Fluorescent tubes

Droma make door lock

  1. Emergency stop button shuts down the chamber immediately in case of emergency.
  2. A door lock prevents the chamber door from opening during a test
  3. Touch screen display ( TFT ) with additional features(Details overleaf)
  4. Glove ports allow users to safely handle products under test inside the workspace.
  5. A cable notch is a recess in the door frame that enables easy routing of cabling from the product under test to the exterior of the chamber.