Hot Air Oven

Kaizen Airtech Solution is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom equipment has now given their customers. The Hot Air Oven offered by us is wide demand owing to its high-end performance and reliability. The new generation Hot Air Oven offers a wide range of options for our customers, Even more choice to choose from a variety of models and features for their Hot Air Oven needs. With more choices for the customers, Kaizen Airtech Solution Hot Air Oven still offers various applications in Clinical Laboratory, Pathological Laboratory, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Chemicals, R & D Labs, and drying glassware and sterilizing. Hot air oven provides an efficient performance for day content analysis, chemical resistance studies, glassware drying, and dry sterilization, and also ideal for general laboratory purpose in a variety of baking, drying, conditioning, preheating, and curing applications etc.

Key Benefits:

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. Superior airflow uniformity
  3. Ergonomic design


  1. Microprocessor Controller displays all safety information on one screen with touch pad.
  2. Ergonomic design encourages proper posture reducing fatigue.
  3. Temperature controlled by electronic digital controller.
  4. The forced air circulation system keeps the temperature in the chamber uniform and consists.
  5. The Temperature range is Form 50 º C to 250 º C with an accuracy of ± 2 º C
  6. Double skin walled construction inner chamber made of St. Steel including door and exterior M.S sheets powder coated and with strong seamless welding
  7. The gap between the two walls filled glass wool insulation to prevent heat loss. The element of the hot air oven is of the sheathed black heat type are put inside beads and placed at the bottom and in both the side ribs are placed for uniform temperature.
  8. The insulated Door is fixed with toughened Glass view panel so that the sample inside can be viewed without disturbing the Temperature.
  9. Two or three shelves are fixed inside the oven.
  10. Each Hot Air Oven is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international standards.
  11. An electrical fan is also fitted to ensure the uniform circulation of hot air in the oven in order to maintain the required temperature in all the shelves


Model No.Chamber SizeNo. of ShelvesCapacity
KHAO-1304 X 304 X 304 mm (12” x 12” x 12”)228 Liter
KHAO-2457 X 457 X 457 mm (18” x 18” x 18”)245 Liter
KHAO-4457 X 457 X 457 mm (18” x 18” x 24”)495 Liter
KHAO-44609 X 609 X 609 mm (24” x 24” x 24”)4125 Liter


GFCI Electrical Outlet

  1. CFL tube light
    1. With a timer to optimize lamp life and specific species, exposure need
  2. Shelve
    1. Perforated sheet shelves customize quantity
  3. Air tight locking system.
  4. Ergonomic Foot Rest
    1. Improves working posture