Annual Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Thanks for interest in Kaizen Airtech Solution service. We offer a comprehensive range of service according to individual requirements designed to suit different products and budgets. With our industrial treatment experience we have skilful knowledge of cleanroom environment and environmental test chamber products. Our service can also include validation, inspections, maintenance, and repairs. We offer production and technical consultations with regard to the issues connected with industrial air treatment systems. We offer these services to customers without a full service contract as well as to customer with their one service terms. Our engineers not only correct defect. Replace wearing parts and install technological advances. They also generate a maintenance plan that is kept up to date.

Service shall include:

  1. Pre-filter cleaning (with compressed air and water)
  2. Pleanum cleaning
  3. Blower Motor check-up
  4. Blower damper setting after measuring velocity
  5. Rexene connector checking
  6. Manometer oil filling and checking other parameters
  7. Oiling and greasing of moving parts
  8. Tests shall include Particle count, DOP, sound level, light intensity &velocity measurement


Annual Maintenance

  1. Maintenance service start form date mention in contract agreement.
  2. Every month Maintenance service and two-time validation in one year, for Environmental test chamber three routine visit and three breakdown visit.
  3. We attend a complaint within 48 Hours.
  4. One source of your maintenance repair issues.
  5. Allows your staff to focus on higher priority operational issues.
  6. Comprehensive range of services.
  7. Solution for operational efficiency and plant criticality.
  8. Resolve minor problems by one phone call.
  9. We can assure you to we emergency response with technical support service at 24 hrs x 7 days x 365 in contract year.



  1. Kaizen Airtech Solution regular calibration of control, induction recording system verifies and documents measurement equipment performance.
  2. This routine calibration is essential to ensure the accurate and repeatable performance of equipment.
  3. Kaizen engineers are trained in single point calibration. All test matters are regularly calibrated to NIST standard.
  4. To guarantee peak performance to your vital equipment. It is essential to set up regular calibration visits our service package.
  5. The frequency of calibration is normally undertaken on an annual basis year but some critical applications are calibrated bi-annually.



  1. We offer a full on-site validation service for cleanroom, cleanroom equipment, environmental rooms, chambers and all associated equipment’s (partial counting, positive pressure, data logging systems, chart recorders etc…)
  2. All reference standards are regularly calibrated by NIST accredited laboratories and are traceable to national standard.
  3. Performance mapping tests can be executed for air quality, temperature, humidity and light distribution. All documentation is designed to show compliance with ICH guidelines and to meet FDA and state-of-the-art data acquisition system, Kaizen have a long established reputation for helping client demonstrate compliance with regulatory authority, saving both time, money and preventing the occurrence of embarrassing audit visits.